5 Top Tips on How To Score 150+ in Physics and Chemistry in NEET 2022


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NEET which is also known as the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test covers Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Zoology subjects

1. Master NEET Marking Scheme

If you are planning to score 150+ marks in Physics and Chemistry in NEET, here are a few things that you must know about the NEET 2021 marking scheme:

  • Total Marks 720
  • Total Questions 180
  • Marks Awarded for Correct Answer 4
  • Marks Deducted for Wrong Answer (Negative Marking) 1
  • Total Marks 720
  • Marks Deducted for Unanswered Questions None

You can now see that Physics includes 45 questions of 4 marks each. If you wish to earn over 150 points in Physics You must complete at least 39 questions correctly. This means that for the remainder of the six questions, you are free to decide whether to try them and risk the chance of a negative mark or to leave them unanswered. For Chemistry, you can follow the same method for studying for the NEET exam.

2. Have a Plan

NEET training experts from FB4I Classes recommend that consistent training is essential towards success in NEET. To ensure that you are practicing regularly and finish the NEET syllabus on time, you need to set a schedule for your study. Determine ahead of time how long you will need to spend studying the complete Neet Physics and Chemistry syllabus for NEET 2022. You can make your own monthly, weekly, or quarterly schedule. You should ensure that you are studying regularly. It doesn’t mean you have to study for longer durations. Focus on the effectiveness of your education.

3. Pick The Best Study Material

A better learning experience is possible through higher-quality study materials. You must have all NEET resources. A student who is preparing online NEET preparation with FB4I Classes says that he began with NCERT books and then reviewed every fundamental Physics as well as Chemistry concept. This gave him the correct foundation for more advanced NEET concepts.

4. Find a Mentor

The achievement of 150+ marks in NEET Physics and Chemistry is not an easy task. There will be setbacks and anxiety, doubts and even fear at moments. You will need someone to help you throughout the NEET preparation. It is also the time when you’ll need professional career guidance and advice. You can, choose to take offline NEET courses at FB4I classes. We have NEET experts who will help students how to tackle problems in math and provide students with the necessary theoretical knowledge about NEET concepts. Your teacher will be available to assist you and give you the support and motivation you need it.

5. Solve Papers

This is among the most crucial NEET exam suggestions that students should know. Whatever you do, don’t forget to solve the sample papers or previous year’s questions for NEET. Solving past year’s papers will help you get a better understanding of the exam format and marking procedure. It can help you determine the level of preparation you have for NEET and how much you should practice. The process of solving NEET practice papers can assist you in increasing the speed at which you solve problems to be able to answer the majority of questions in the shortest amount of time.

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