Growing World of E-Learning

Over the last 2 years, the world has been pushed towards e-learning as the world was hit by the pandemic. Schools, colleges and companies had no other choice but to adopt e-learning. That might have been the only advantage of the pandemic. The world is now more familiar with e-learning than ever. E-learning existed before the pandemic too, but it wasn’t a hot topic back then. According to a study, the e-learning market is growing by 20% every year and it might be a $350 Billion market by 2025. That is a rapid growth for an industry which was taken for granted till a few years ago.

With the growth in e-learning platforms and the adoption of e-learning by many institutions, there have been many advantages of e-learning.Let’s have a look at some of them –

1. No hurdle in education –

With an increase in the use of e-learning, the scope of having any hurdle in education has vanished. One of the biggest problems, which was distance learning, is now easier than ever. Now, the classrooms, tuitions, seminars and conferences are as far as your mobile phone or your laptop. Also, the boundaries of time and place are also set aside as one can study anytime and where with a sound internet connection.

2. Cost saving –

As one can benefit from e-learning from the comfort of their home, it could be highly cost efficient. On the one hand, you go to your college which is in another city or country where you pay all your living expenses and accommodation expenses and on the other hand you just have to pay a minimal amount for your internet connection and that’spretty much it. Which way would you choose, given all the costs needed for offline learning?

3. Learn from the Best –

There are a lot of renowned institutions which are always taken into consideration when a choice is made. Suppose for tuition and coaching, there are a lot of institutions such as Akash, Fb4i Classes , etc. That are considered but if it’s not possible for the student to attend the classes physically, they may opt for e-learning and may still learn from one of best faculties out there.

4. Personalized Learning Pattern –

Unlike offline learning, where there is a set pattern of teaching, you can get personalized pattern of learning which is suitable to your preferences. Sometimes, the tutors also examine the students and alter their way of teaching so that the student may get the best out of it.

In conclusion, it could be said that e-learning has really changed the world and opened it up to new possibilities. Now you may learn anything, anywhere, anytime, from any institution in the world from the comfort of your home. All you need is a sound internet connection and a device to study on and you are all set. Take advantage of this boon to humanity and be a part of this incredible system that is e-learning.

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