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How to prepare for biology NEET 2022. NEET 2022 – National Testing Agency (NTA) is the sole Indian medical entrance test, NEET, also known as the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test(NEET), once every year. Biology is one subject that has the most questions since it includes Botany as well as Zoology. Knowing the methods for studying Biology to pass the NEET 2022 test is extremely essential to scoring a great score.

To clear any doubt about the best way to prepare yourself for Biology for the NEET 2022 examination, candidates should look at the tips to improve their preparation. Through discussion of the topic with an experts in Biology, this article contains the chapter-wise weightage for Biology as well as the most important subjects of Biology and daily routines and the topic-specific expected difficulty level and well-planned strategies for preparation. For the convenience of students,the most effective methods to master Biology to prepare for NEET 2022 preparation are described below.

How to study biology for NEET 2022?

The Biology section of the NEET exam consists of two subjects, Botany as well as Zoology. The maximum score of 360 marks are achieved on this NEET 2022 biology test. Biology is the topic which those who have better understanding and clarity are able to score the highest out of the marks. So, focusing on Biology to prepare for NEET 2022 could increase applicants chance of passing NEET 2022. The Biology syllabus for NEET 2022 has an equal amount of questions from both classes 11-12. It is therefore mandatory for candidates to read the entire curriculum for NEET Biology. Candidates looking for more details on the biology curriculum for NEET 2022 may refer to this article to get more information about it.

Chapter-wise weightage of Biology for NEET 2022

Before starting your preparation for NEET 2022 for the Biology subject, candidates must know the chapter-wise weightage of Biology. Candidates can have an idea about the Biology chapter-wise weightage for NEET 2022 from the table below.

NEET Biology chapter-wise weightage

ChapterWeightage out of 100%
Diversity in Living World14%
Cell Structure and Function5%
Structural Organisation in Animals and Plants9%
Plant Physiology6%
Human Physiology20%
Genetics and Evolution18%
Biotechnology and Its Applications3%
Biology and Human Welfare4%
Ecology and Environment12%

NEET Biology 2022: Chapterwise questions from Botany

ClassBotany important chapters for NEET 2022Total
XIIBiology in Human Welfare1
XICell & Cell Cycle5
XIDiversity of Life5
XIPlant Physiology8
XIIReproduction & Sexual Reproduction4
XIStructural Organisation of Plants5
XIIAnimal Husbandry & Biotechnology7
XIIEvolution: Theories & Evidences1

NEET Biology 2022: Chapterwise questions from Zoology

ClassZoology important chapters for NEET 2022Total
XIIBiology in Human Welfare2
XICell Structure and function4
XIDiversity of Life0
XIPlant Physiology0
XIIReproduction & Sexual Reproduction0
XIStructural Organisation of Plants0
XIIAnimal Husbandry & Biotechnology6
XIIHuman Health & Disease1
XIHuman Physiology10
XIIHuman Reproduction & Reproductive Health6
XIStructural Organisation in Animals4

Important topics of Biology for NEET 2022

The assignment of Biology questions for NEET 2022 is equally distributed in the classes 11 and 12. Thus, applicants can explore the class-specific NEET crucial areas of Biology that are essential to NEET preparation as well as the crucial section that needs to be more focused on.

Class 11th: An Important topic of Biology for NEET 2022 preparation

Plant Kingdom

  • Questions from different types of algae and their pigments
  • General characters of pteridophytes and gymnosperms

Biological classification

  • General features of Monera, Protista, Fungi

Structural organization in plants and animals

  • Root, stem, and leaf anatomy
  • Animals tissues and their functions, specifically epithelial tissues

Cell: Structure & Functions

  • Mycoplasma, nucleus, chromosomes, ribosomes, chloroplast, and mitochondria
  • Meiosis – Prophase I

Plant physiology

  • C3, C4 cycle
  • Kranz anatomy
  • Glycolysis and Krebs cycle
  • ETS complexes
  • Photoperiodism
  • Transpiration pull
  • Bulk movement in Phloem
  • Mineral deficiency & Nitrogen cycle

Animal/Human Physiology

  • All topics specifically diagrams are very important

Class 12th: An Important topic of Biology for NEET preparation


  • Gametogenesis in plants
  • Gametogenesis in humans
  • Reproductive structures in plants and animals
  • Polyembryony, Parthenocarpy, apomixis
  • Menstrual cycle

Genetics & Evolution

  • Dihybrid cross, linkage
  • Codominance
  • Pedigree analysis
  • Genetic disorders
  • Darwinism and natural selection
  • Human evolution


  • • Process and applications
  • • BT cotton, RNAi, Human insulin, Gene therapy, molecular diagnostics

Biology in human welfare

  • Human immunity
  • AIDS, Cancer
  • Drugs

Ecology and Environment

  • Environmental issues
  • Biogeochemical cycles
  • Population interactions
  • Adaptations
  • Succession

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